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View Poll Results: After 1 year post delivery, have you reverted back to pre-pregnancy weight?

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  • Yes - and was breastfeeding

    51 51.00%
  • Yes - and was not breastfeeding

    14 14.00%
  • No - and was breast feeding

    26 26.00%
  • No - and was not breast feeding

    9 9.00%
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Post Partum Weight Loss - What are your experiences?

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    smu_hk is offline Registered User
    Join Date
    Sep 2005
    Was HK, Now Syd

    Yeah, I am working full time, been doing it since my baby was 4 months. She is about to turn 9 months. I have lost more weight than I had originally. I am breastfeeding, but not to the same extent as I was 3 months ago.
    I still nurse her every night, so maybe it's the night wakes that helped me lose the weight. Gosh, I am now wearing clothes I had not been able to fit more than 5 years ago. Though my body shape has changed a little. I worry that when I stop BF, I may gain back all the weight, or that if I keep losing and become too thin - become undernourised - as I plan to have a second soon. I am supplementing to make sure that I am not undernourished. I don't think I am over-eating or under-eating. I eat whenever I am hungry, I don't exercise! Though I should.

    I think as long as you eat healthily, you should be able to regain your weight. I don't normally snack so that also helps.......but I do love my food!!

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    hkgirl is offline Registered User
    Join Date
    Nov 2003

    I exercised (weight lifting and cross trainer) until the week before my baby was born and I managed to lose all my baby weight within 6 weeks. I was also very hungry all the time as I was breastfeeding exclusively, but I think the biggest factor is what you eat. I am still breastfeeding (my daughter is 11 months old), I only started exercising (Pilates) last week and I haven't put on any weight, in fact I'm still about 4 pounds less than when I first got pregnant. So for me, it's wasn't the exercise, but my diet and breastfeeding that made the biggest difference, although taking your baby for a walk every day is a good routine to get into (and exercise is great for improving energy and a positive outlook on life).

    My advice is eat healthy and drink lots of water. If you are craving sweets eat fruit with the skins on (when applicable), or have a bowl of oatmeal with raisins or other dried fruit. Eating fiber rich foods, such as 100% whole grain breads and cereals, brown and/or wild rice, is a great way to feel full and helps your body stay running properly. For salty cravings eat rold gold pretzels or low fat popcorn rather than chips or fries. Even the way you cook makes a big difference. Use a small amount of olive oil when necessary and steam or bake rather than fry fish, veggies and chicken.

    I too am looking at getting pregnant again in the next few months and I think that gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy really helps in getting back in shape quickly. I gained 22lbs my first pregnancy and I was able to do that by eating healthy (like described above) and eating more often throughout the day.

    Good luck!

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    Valencia is offline Registered User
    Join Date
    Jul 2005

    Smu hk and hkgirl,

    I envy you two. I'm now 8 pounds more than pre-pregnant. If I could lose 20 pounds it would be heaven. :lovedface I've lost 10 pounds before but put them on again. Whether it's exercise or breastfeeding it's the metabolism that matters. I've never breastfed and didn't do exercise, that's why it's so hard for me.

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    beans is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2005
    Hong Kong Island

    I had gained about 11 kg during my pregnancy. Almost all of it-but for 2 kg-was gone in just four weeks after the delivery (which, by the way, was by c-section). And the remaining 2kg disappeared in about 2 months' time. I was breastfeeding my baby for the first month or so but due to poor milk supply (as a result of which baby was not gaining weight) and a breast abscess-so bad that it warranted 10 days' hospital stay-I was forced to switch to formula. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight without any effort but the extra 2-3 inches of flab around my waistline puts me off. I had recently started out on a fitness program but now that I am am pregnant again, I guess that will have to wait.

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    spsmok is offline Registered User
    Join Date
    Dec 2005

    Congratulations Beans on your second baby.

    I was never really an athletic person, and was so busy at work I didn't have time for exercise before my baby was born. I breastfed my baby for 9 months but didn't do any exercise all those time. My weight was back to pre-pregnant gradually, I guess due to BF and diet.

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    JennyB is offline Registered User
    Join Date
    May 2003
    Discovery Bay

    My weight seemed to fall off immediately after the birth BUT I gained half of it back again within several weeks! Breastfed for 18 months and the weight came off by about 12 months. (Waistline didn't come back though! Still searching for the part of me that must be slimmer to balance the thicker wasitline...)

    I don't think I was eating excessively while I was exclusively breastfeeding; I put my postpartum weight problem down to a dramatic change in lifestyle. I was a very active person even in pregnancy, whereas once my baby was born I found myself sitting or lying down for vast chunks of the day. Plus I found it painful to walk for 6wks due to episiotomy and prolonged bleeding. So look at how your lifestyle has changed and look at how you could incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, to stimulate the metabolism!

    With my next baby I will try to be less sedentary while breastfeeding, and feed the baby in a sling while doing chores, chasing my toddler around, etc.

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    Have been very lucky- my son is now five months old and I weigh a lot less than when I first got pregnant! I put it down to breastfeeding and having two dogs and a baby that love to be outside!

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    Konradsmom is offline Registered User
    Join Date
    Feb 2007

    its my first pregnancy so I am not talking from experience, but I have a masseur friend who has extensive experience with giving massages to pregnant ladies and helping them manage their weight through the 9 months. her advice to me was to control my carb intake, so rice, bread and potatoes to be taken in moderation only and preferably during the 1st 2 meals of the day only - its like the Atkins diet but with lots of veggies. For chinese moms, soup is fine but it shouldn't be the heavy,ultra nourishing kind. She found that most clients of hers end up gaining about 10 lbs weight and didn't have to extensively visit salons post partum.

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