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View Poll Results: After 1 year post delivery, have you reverted back to pre-pregnancy weight?

100. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes - and was breastfeeding

    51 51.00%
  • Yes - and was not breastfeeding

    14 14.00%
  • No - and was breast feeding

    26 26.00%
  • No - and was not breast feeding

    9 9.00%
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Post Partum Weight Loss - What are your experiences?

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    mushi's Avatar
    mushi is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2007
    happy valley

    Mammalicious, i have the exact prob as u do....i got back to my original weight when my baby turned 4 months...thanks to all those sleepless nights and yes i am a mother of 2 so it adds to that!! but i hate this loose belly flesh which becomes a small bump anytime i eat well or overeat....most of times i am watch what i eat and it is a real pain now to keep doing the way does anyone know of MOVERS AND SHAPERS in causeway bay.....apparently they make u losr all this extra fat muck quicker than normal...i am going for a trail session tom....pls. let me know before i get fleeced!....also anyone tried OSIM's TUMMY BELT?

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    anca is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008
    Hong Kong

    I breastfed and gained! I used to get so hungry feeding I wanted to eat the breastfeeding pillow, LOL! After the night feed I could have eaten a horse. It calmed down but I still put on weight after I had the baby. Still working on it...

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    Bubbly is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Hong Kong

    the OSIM tummy belt does not work, so don't get it. Other than that, have no idea how to lose the flab!

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    i have suffered post -partum weight gain. not loss !!
    i'm a bit of an emotional eater so a few difficult weeks with a baby with undiagnosed reflux and i started to eat and eat and eat. baby is fine now (3.5mths old and on medication) so now i just need to stop eating so much.

    wish me luck!

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    MLBW Guest

    I gained 80 pounds while I was pregnant although I was active and ate a balanced diet. I lost about 30 of those pounds just giving birth and losing the extra blood and fluid. After I gave birth I found out that my pregnancy left me with a herniated disc in my lower back so I was banished from doing sit ups and crunches until about when my son was 7-months-old. I breastfed for 5 months and that in no way helped me lose weight--I have heard from others that often breastfeeding actually makes some women retain weight for whatever reason. Stopped breastfeeding (one of the best things I ever did for myself!) and immediately lost a few pounds. Right now I am steadily working toward losing 65 pounds--if I can manage to lose 45 pounds, I will feel excellent. I have horrific stretch marks and a super saggy belly. (Thanks mom for those genetics!) One time a Chinese lady asked me, "Are you sure you're not going to wear a girdle? You don't want it to stay that way forever, do you?" Well...I doubt a girdle would help me at all in this case and I can't stand to wear a constricting, itchy device (it's amazing I can stand wearing a bra most of the time!). So, I really envy all the ladies here who only gained 20 pounds or less and managed to lose it all in a month to five months. My son will be a year-old next month. Looking at my body makes me even more resolute to never put myself through the horrors of pregnancy again.

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    Koan is offline Registered User
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    May 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by anca View Post
    I breastfed and gained! I used to get so hungry feeding I wanted to eat the breastfeeding pillow, LOL! After the night feed I could have eaten a horse. It calmed down but I still put on weight after I had the baby. Still working on it...
    Same. Breastfeeding gives me insane hunger pangs and I've developed a sweet tooth. I still eat so much more than I used to.

    I have been doing Weight Watchers (for nursing mums) for a few months and am finally below pre-preggo weight. My body looks totally different, a lot flabbier, but I currently weigh 500gr less what I did when I got pregnant. My son is 13.5mnths old. It's taken a lot of effort to lose that weight.

    Now to lose that dimsum weight I put on when we first came to HK!

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    wanfamily is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008

    I breast fed both and actually lost weight quicker with my second - back to normal weight within a few weeks (probably 'cos was I moving countries 2 months after the birth - not attempting that one again) However, weight and shape are 2 different things. Everything that was up is now down so to speak - I've got a huge empty 'Max sack' still after 10 months. In Japan they recommend these tummy belt things. Tried it, but I found it too hot and uncomfortable. Find it very hard to find the energy to do proper exercise (using the fact I've got a bust coccyx as an excuse). Did buy a corset thingy for a posh do I went to once where I needed to fit into a skinny dress. It was hilarious - took me about an hour to get into it and it literally shoves all the skin either up or down. Didn't fool anyone - kept getting comments on how straight I was sitting (couldn't move in the blinkin thing) and then a good friend came up to me, put her hand on my waist and said "yep, huge knickers!) Bubbly/ Mushi if you find a secret to getting rid of that belly flab, let me know!

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    nicolejoy's Avatar
    nicolejoy is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2007
    North Point

    I was back to my pre-preg weight in about 2 months, breastfeeding. I don't think I'll ever be back to my pre-preg SHAPE though!! I get a lot of comments on how I'm back to my original "figure" and I just think "well, you don't see what's under these clothes!!" - but it bothers me less than I thought it would actually... I must be less vain than I used to be ;)

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