Lying is wrong. I didn't expect her teacher to ask, and I want the best for her as long as she stays in that school. There are difficult times we have to choose, and we'll try our best to protect our loved ones. Imagine yourself in these situations, would you admit your plan for leaving before you hand in your resignation letter? Would you give your maid one month's notice when firing her, if your're not on friendly terms? If her school has a long waiting list of students, I wouldn't mind informing them of my child's leaving. When I first posted this thread, there'd been a few child abuse cases by maids around that time. I was just worried about my child, it's weird to inform them so early ahead of her leaving. On the other hand, the school would like to know you have a positive attitude of staying, that you think highly of the school. Lying is wrong, and I'm glad it's all over now.