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helper agencies

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    helper agencies

    I'm looking for a helper, can anyone name some of the agencies they have dealt with. I've gone through the but some of the helper's have ended up being no-shows so i'm sort of tired of going through the list myself. Think I'd rather pay for someone to go through the hastle for me. Thanks in advance.

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    I know of 2 agencies. One is "Tailormaid" which is on robinson road. Iv lost the business card there. The other is "goodearth" in World wide house, third floor. Goodearth you will be able to interview some of the maids who are still here, where as with Tailormaid they have video clips of the helpers looking for work. Be warned though, we found ours through Goodearth and the lady that runs it tried to rip off a couple of my friend's helpers and my friend's as well. They went as far as to try to charge someone we wanted to hire 7000!! which is a lot for them! We ended up finding someone we liked through them anyways and made sure she was not being taken advantage of.

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