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increasing supply

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    becos HK paeditricians like their babies FAT FAT FAT! I went through exactly the same situation when my son was 2 and a half months - he gained weight very well in the first 6-8 weeks (50th percentile baby) but dropped back significantly after that (to about 25th percentile weight wise, still is now)......the minute baby's weight dropped 2 paeditricians advised going on formula asap - granted I didn't manage my supply well enough in the early days (too inexperienced, lack of knowledge etc) but I worked hard for 2-3 months to ensure baby got enough WITHOUT resorting to formula (lots of direct feeds, expressing to encourgage boy to produce, lots of rest, nutricious and calorific diet, fenugreek capsules, fish soup etc) - bfeeding is HARD HARD work, I didn't go through blocked ducts/engorgement/crack and sore nipples/ sleep deprivation to feed my precious one cow's milk. Do not let "professionals" dictate to you what you should be giving your baby or let them undermine your confidence and hard work, a bfed baby's weight does fluctuate, as long as they are putting on weight in general, meeting their milestones, are reasonably happy and settled and no major sleeping problems, you mustn't get overly stressed.
    At about 4.5 to 5 months you can slowly introduce solids which will bump baby's weight up a bit!

    HANG IN THERE!!!!!

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    Dear Mammalicious,

    It is normal for your breasts to no longer have the full feeling of the first weeks as the baby grows older. A normal lactating breast is soft not hard. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have milk it means that your body has adjusted to breastfeeding.

    Babies don’t always feed for 20 minutes each side. Some like a few long feeds and others like lots of short feeds. One of my babies would feed for between 5 and 10 minutes every 40 to 60 minutes. He grew well and had lots of wet nappies so this wasn’t a problem.

    It is also normal for the amount of milk you can pump to decrease unless you manage to pump often.

    Rather than see specialists who are looking for problems I suggest calling a la Leche League Leader. Leaders are mothers who have breastfed their own children and been trained to help mothers breastfeed. They know what is normal and what is a problem. If they think you have a problem they won’t say everything is fine but encourage you to see the doctor. But if the problems are more management than medical they often have more solutions than medical professionals.

    There are five leaders in Hong Kong:
    Sarah – 2548 7636
    Maggie – 2817 7475
    Rochelle – 2947 7147
    Louisa – 2987 4042
    Maggie – 9048 1701 (Chinese)

    Best wishes,

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