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pregnancy tests

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    pregnancy tests

    Looking to start trying for our second baby in the new year, and was having a convo the other day about pregnancy tests and how soon they can provide an accurate result??? With out first, it was 8 wks before I knew/ hence tested. But when you are conciously are trying surely you want to find out as soon as you know you have past ovulation. Are there any tests that you can use for this and are they reliable?


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    this will help!

    hi suzieq

    check out this charmingly named website:

    i think you will find most of the answers there. essentially, you are looking for the test that can pick up the lowest HCG levels.

    clearblue easy is not as good as first response early detector. i remember that from my own days.

    let's say you ovulate on cd14. you will need to wait at least 12 days past that, if i remember correctly.


    (i am seb's mum, not seb's dad!)

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