I am researching Primary School for my little one. The schools I am looking at are ESF, FIS, GSIS, CIS, and Canadian IS (CDNIS). What I find is that ESF, FIS, and CDNIS both have an age requirement cutoff date of Dec. 31st while GSIS September 1st and CIS June 30th.

For example, for Primary 1 in FIS and ESF and Prep class in CDNIS, as long as the child reach the age of 5 by Dec. 31st, he/she could start Primary 1/Prep in September of the same year. For GSIS and CIS, the child has to reach the age of 5 by September 1st and June 03th, respectively.

That is, if a child was borned in November 2003, he/she will start P1 in ESF, FIS, and CDNIS on Sept 2008 while she/he starts P1 in GSIS and CIS on September 2009. Wouldn't the child be delayed for a whole year if we decide to send him/her to GSIS and CIS ? Appreciate if you could share your experience on this.