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Life doesn't wait for job changes

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    Life doesn't wait for job changes

    Hi, all,

    My wife got pregnant just around the time that I left my last employer. The health insurance, which includes covers for pregnancy and delivery, would still be in effect for another few months. But what about afterwards? I want to buy insurance myself, but they all require waiting period or that the insuree is not pregnant before the insured period. Can I get the same insurer to offer my wife a individual plan after the company plan expires? or can they find an excuse to refuse?

    Thanks a bunch

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    hi 1st time dad

    depending on what insurance your company had you covered on.. i know with my previous company which was insuring my on Bupa Intl based in the UK, as long as it was within a certain time frame.. i think it was 1 month, i could extend the package into an individual plan and continue paying what my company did for that. i contacted Bupa directly.. unfortunately I had waited too long before calling to find out, so I was unable to do that. But my ex collegue managed to.

    You should call the insurance company directly and SOON to ask the details.

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