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Hiring a helper through direct employment

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    Suspect your DH was a nanny back in Philippines. Nannies there just have to take care of the baby (nanny:baby ratio is 1:1 there). Household work are done by other helpers. So if she never worked overseas, she might have completely wrong expectation about working in HK.

    I actually hired my DH direct as well. She never worked overseas but we're lucky as we don't have any problems you encountered. So far she is great, very efficient, hard working, and very good to my son.

    Hope you find someone good soon.

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    Agency Name, please?

    Can you please provide the name of the agency that charges $3,200 for direct hire?


    Quote Originally Posted by mamaS View Post
    Hi Rani and to all who is planning to get a direct hire helper.....

    The agency fee ranges from 1,600-2,000 dollars, BUT this is just the fee that we should pay in Hk. The poor helper also has to pay another 20,000 pesos in Manila, so it turns out to be expensive too.

    What i did is find an agency that i pay all the expenses here, around $3,200, the helper won't pay anything in Manila anymore.

    The processing takes 4-6 weeks.

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