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Dissappointed in Pacific Place Santa visit

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    Dissappointed in Pacific Place Santa visit

    After spending the last few years admiring the beautiful Xmas display at Pacific Place I finally had an excuse to see Santa this year and took my 12mth old - well what a waste of time! We were hearded through like cattle and got to spend about 30 seconds with Santa. The staff there all started leaping around in an effort to get my stunned little boy to smile; which frightened the hell out of him and he screamed the place down. Eventually they took a photo with their cr*p polaroid camera and the resulting shot is so awful it honestly looks like it was taken back in 1975! They couldn't even line it up right so we have a lovely shot of a wall with our heads at the bottom!

    Anyway, I just blew $60 on this and probably traumatised my poor son! I guess I can only look back and laugh!!

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    Sylvieng is offline Registered User
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    Park Island

    I have to say that I was quite surprise to see so many people queueing up at santa when I was there...

    I showed santa to Maylie, but she just didn't seem interested in that man all in red with a white beard and a strange hat. Still too small I guess. Santa saw me showing him to her and didn't wave back or even smile back. I guess he was just so tired and didn't want to do anymore PR.

    So sad...

    It makes me think that having a picture with Santa is maybe not so nice after all. Seeing him from afar just keep the mystery intact, does it not ?

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    I brought my kid to Times Square for taking photo with .. the walking snowman .. and Santa. The Santa is okay, but I like the walking snowman more cos this lively thing is more funny. Most important of all, my kid liked that snowman ^_^

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    We've been to see the Pacific Place Santa 2 years now. Last year we saw him on Xmas day or the 24th. There were loads of people and he was in a great mood, he chatted with each child asking them what they wanted for Xmas and was very friendly. This year we went down on the 4th and I was shocked to see how much weight he'd lost.
    He was in great spirits, he asked the girl in front of us (around 7/8) for a hug but she was too shy. D was thrilled to see him, sat on his lap, gave him a huge hug and his xmas list.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Yuen Long

    the santa at festival walk sucked this year too, he was skinnier and younger than he'd been for the past 4 years we've been going. he said nothing to my son, was miserable and totally sucked.

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