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Weight Gain / Unsupportive Husband

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    hi there,

    congratulations! The first trimester and even 2nd if you are still ill is the most stressful time I found - your body is still adjusting to having another being, you don't look preggers (hence no sympathy from people around) and your hormones are all over the place, if you are experiencing morning sickness it's really the icing on the cake! All I can say is go easy on yourself - while we may all have great aspirations of eating healthy/exercising and being that perfect pregnant mother-to-be, the reality is sometimes it's just too darn hard so if eating heaps of carby cookies/snacks/sweets keep the nausea at bay and make you feel better, go to it!!!!! The whole weight thing is there to scare mothers-to-be from going too overboard so don't worry about it - I have had many a slim GF balloon to like 60-65 pounds over their pre-pregnancy weight and all delivered healthy babies and eventually got their figures back too (I put on almost 50 pounds delivered a healthy baby and am skinnier now than pre-pregnancy). At the end of the day it's whatever makes you feel good about yourself cos a happy pregnant woman = a happy baby. When you do start feeling better (mostly by week 16-18) you can start thinking about eating more nutriciously. I had severe morning sickness until week 18 (was on medication to keep water and food down) and lived on whatever would stay down - ribena, cheesecake (I had one sara lee cake every night after dinner),local sweet desserts and needed to eat non-stop to get that metallic taste out of my mouth.

    In terms of getting hubby less opinionated and more understanding, it's hard to do the lecture thing as men will NEVER understand the physical/mental/emotional rollercoaster you and your body are going through so no point talking yourself blue in the face. My husband was very into the whole pregnancy and doing it right so he read the books (faster than me I might add) and comprehensive books like "What to Expect when you are expecting" was very comprehensive and insightful. Maybe you can both get a copy and read it together.

    Good luck and above all do enjoy yourself, being pregnant is a wonderful thing and I hope you get to enjoy it as much as possible!

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    I think that with these things, the more you insist, the more he will try to 'control' you eating, suspecting that you have no control yourself.
    It is hard to lose weight after pregnancy and you dont have to eat for two -this is an old wives tale.
    I would explain to him that you are keeping your eye on your weight and trying to moderate your intake without going hypo! and you will soon see him reassuring you and letting off the tight leash! Very best of luck, I found in later pregnancy your hormones/nausea settle down your stomach feels weighty and youdont feel like eating so much. My weight was gained in the first few months.
    Best of luck

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