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    Has anyone tried Socatots at the YWCA? My son is 2yrs old and Im looking at signing up for the classes but want to hear any feedback first? What format does the lesson take?

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    We did Socatots over the summer and loved it! Our teacher was Gemma, and she was really warm and a natural with kids.

    D was in the 3 year old group, so I'm not sure how different it is for the younger ones.

    They started off with a warm up, bit of racing, following instructions, stop/go
    They play a few musical games, which involve kicking the ball with either the inside/outside or the sole of their feet. Lastly, they do a mini obstacle course which involves, jumping, running, hurdles.

    Overall it was a lot of fun. We're signed up again for the spring term. Have a read through this thread here:

    Soccer for 3 year old

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    My daughter started in the 2 year old group at Socatots and has been going now for about a year. You start classes with warm-ups, the kids might then get to choose bean bags and practice balancing skills, walking, standing on one leg etc., they practice start/stop commands, identifying parts of their feet and then practice kicking balls with those parts of their feet, they then have poles to weave through, things to jump over then balls to kick. My daughter loves her class as do the others kids in it and it's a really nice environment with lots of encouragement from all there.

    I can't recommend the classes enough.

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    Both my children did Socatots last year with Gemma as their teacher, and it was good. I have signed them up again in the 2yr class to start next week

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