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Heating baby's room

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    Heating baby's room

    Can anyone suggest a good way of heating my baby's room? We have an oil heater which is fine when he's in his cot but we can't use it when he's up and playing because he always wants to reach out and touch it.

    Is there something I can attach to the wall? At the moment I just dress him warmly but his little hands and cheeks get quite cold.


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    hunhun is offline Registered User
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    We have an Innotec ceramic heater which we bought from iCare (with branches in Leighton Centre, Belcher's shopping mall...) which is not hot to touch and baby's finger can't go into the grill anyway, further, the heater will automatically switch itself off immediately when tilted. I think Fortress sells ceramic heater as well, but I am not sure of the safety features in the brands they carry.



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    i put an electronic blanket on the floor (hide the plugs under furniture (though my baby's room is carpeted, the floor is still very cold to the touch). her feet & hands get much warmer that way & it's nice & warm in the room.

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