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Moving to Hong Kong and am pregnant

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    Moving to Hong Kong and am pregnant

    Hi there please help,
    We are moving to Hong Kong in about 8 weeks and have just found out I am pregnant. Do expats tend to have there babies in HK or do they go home? How is the hospital system? I am thinking it is to late for me to get insurance so what are my options.
    Please help me I am confused

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    Hi Kelliefiler,
    I arrived in Hong Kong six months pregnant. I had my first baby in the UK and my second here in Hong Kong and can honestly say that my experience here was 100 per cent better. I went through the private system as my insurance covered the costs and gave birth to my daughter at the Matilda. It was a fantastic experience and I can thoroughly recommend the hospital, the doula and the doctor I used. I don't have any experience of the public system, but I do know people who have and they have been very pleased with the services they have received.

    I would recommend that you find out whether you can get insurance first and then at least you'll know what you're options are. I found the system very confusing when I first arrived, as it's very different from home, but once I asked a few questions it's pretty straight forward really.

    Good luck


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    Hong Kong's health care system is excellent. You can either go private, which will cost you over HK$100K but you will be staying in 5 star luxury or you can go through the public system and pay a few hundred dollars - the acommodation will be basic but the Drs/nurses are top notch.

    Jools is right, you should check if your employer will be willing to provide you insurance. Also you won't be able to use the public system until you get a HK ID card.


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    Just to clarify a comment made by the last CAN use the public hospitals before you get your HK ID card, but the difference is that you will not get the subsidised rate. For example my wife just enjoyed 11 nights in one of the public hospitals (although we have the top level of private cover there was no option in this case) and we paid $50 for the first day and $100 per day thereafter. The invoice/receipt from the hospital clearly showed the full cost as something like $38,000 and then the subsidy, leaving the subsidised amount that we actually paid (and which I'll now claim back from my insurer).

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