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Considering having a (first!) baby in HK

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    i DON"T have a car.... but it's ok to get around HK without learn very quickly the best way to get places... i usually taxi instead of MTR if i'm by myself... if i have hubby or helper, we go by MTR... not too bad....

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    I had my baby here a year ago and since it was my first and only child, I have nothing to compare it to!

    I gave birth at Queen Mary and I can hardly complain (well ok the food was pretty bad but I think you'll find that in any public hospital in the world) - and it's practically free.

    Yes it's difficult without a car and HK isn't exactly stroller friendly but you'll learn to cope really quickly and it's honestly no big deal! I take my boy into Central a lot and haven't had any problems - just make sure you don't get a huge heavy stroller and you'll be fine!

    Plus you'll meet lots of other Mums and they'll provide a great support network for you - at least that's my experience.

    Good luck!


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    Hi there
    My husband and I are moving to HK in March and I am also planning to have my first baby there !!! for me an additional factor is that I will not feel like I am missing life when I am there as I am already giving up all my old friends, job and fave hangouts to be in HK. If I have a baby here in London I would worry that I would miss work and going out as much as i do now... I decided that if I am going to build a new life I could just as easy build it around a little person whom I would be able to concentrate my energy, thoughts and time on.....I am a little worried about what the situation will be regarding healthcare as I am not sure about what level of healthcare will be in my husbands package but we will cross that bridge when we come to it !!

    Good luck.

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    I had my first baby in HK just over a year ago and we are actually moving home to Canada in June. The first year has been great as I just carry my daughter in a sling everywhere (or let her walk), order groceries online and go for lots of walks in the park and along the water. HK is not stroller friendly though and even finding a place to change or nurse a baby can be difficult sometimes. The pollution is horrible, but the health care is great. In the public hospital it's almost free and at Queen Elizabeth they followed my birth plan exactly and everyone spoke English. It was loud and crowded in the antenatal ward, but you're only there for a couple days anyway (they prefer you stay 3 nights for a first baby, vaginal birth). In Canada they kick you out after 24 hours!
    Now that we are thinking of having another baby, we have to and want to move home. It'd be almost impossible for me to get around with two kids on my own and I don't want a helper. The living spaces are so small for a family and not what I grew up with so I want more for my daughter too (ie. grass, backyard, big room, house that has central heating etc.)
    Good luck with your decision!

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    I have a very odd first pregnancy as I started in HK, then at 5 months in, my husband was transferred to South Africa for a 4 month secondment, after which we were supposed to be in London. So, rather than go to Africa to have my baby, I went back to London with all our boxes. So that I could be near my mum.

    HK was AMAZING compared to the UK, which was cold and heartless - in fact one Midwife told me to "stop fussing - you are not sick, you are just having a baby"

    As it happened, within two months of my husband being in Africa, they told him that they needed him back in HK - So I had to re-pack again, and move back to HK when my son was 3 weeks old.

    Compared to the two options I would NEVER opt to have a baby in the UK.

    Dr Dawkins is wonderful.


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    Also considering having a fist baby in HK

    I just saw this thread, and I am on a similar situation. It is good to read all these replies.

    I know we'll be in HK for only 2 years, and I keep asking myself the question whether to have a baby here or back in Switzerland.

    I worry about the pollution, the lack of family here to support (it will be hard to bring my family or in-laws or moral support).

    We just found an apartment in Stanley, which seems to be a great place for children, but the apartment is small and has no elevator (3rd floor), which might makes things more complicated - and impossible for a live-in helper.

    I've also heard some bad stories of doctors pushing C-sections, and being unfriendly and remote.

    At the same time, if we're back home, I'll be back at work and not be able to spend the same amount of time with the baby. And I keep wondering if this is worth more than all of the problems above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by undecided
    And I keep wondering if this is worth more than all of the problems above.

    having a baby is a lifestlye chage no matter where you are...I think the most imortant factor is that you have the support of your spouse...coz that's what you need the most( just my thoughts)

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    I think it is important to decide if you like living in HK before you decide to have and raise a child here.
    My husband and I were considering moving back to the UK before I found out I was pregnant, but once we discovered I was we have decided to stay in HK until the baby is at least a year old.
    My husband and I are very settled in HK, and my husbands work insurance covers private oby and delivery, so we are very lucky; and the medical care we have recieved so far has been wonderful; plus our friends are here and it just made sense to stay.
    We live in Discovery Bay which seems to have almost as many babies and children as adults, and plenty of grass!

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