Quite disappointed with him. I had second miscarriage and wish to have a total check up. I have been visiting him since every time I was pregnant. So, I thought he would be the doctor I should go to in order to have the checkup for the reason of miscarriages. However, I scheduled a date with him on the day I was diagnosed with the miscarriage for the checkup and had my husband to come along as he needed to be check for the chromosome as well. Dissapointedly, when we arrived, he wasn't ready, the lab was closed and some of the tests have to check instantly. We can't do it. We were asked to come in on another day. Considerably, my husband is busy, it is very hard for him to travel all the way from Guangzhou to hong kong.I feel very disappointed plus already feel helpless for having multiple miscarriages. Furthermore, I have double reminded the nurse to inform the doctor to notify the doctor about the purpose for my visit and I also have sent him an email as a confirmation. Not only the visit ended no outcome with but also I had to paid 800 for the consultation fee for nothing. Overall, I was dissapointed. Friend of my who used to have fertility issue in the past reccomended me dr Philip Ho. I think I will need to go to him.