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Car Seats

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    Car Seats

    Hello all!

    Just to echo what others have said, these forums are great for those of us contemplating the move and all the advice has been very helpful. I wonder what they did in the "old days" of the 1980s??

    My wife and I are coming to HK sometime this summer with a new baby (due in late May). My work assignment in HK should last for about 5 years, more if we like it.

    We will not have a car and we were wondering if there would be any need for a car seat in HK? We have heard that they are good to have on planes?


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    I've never used a car seat on the plane, but I know others have and swear by them.

    In terms of actually using them in Hong Kong, if you don't have a car, is not that likely. The taxis don't like waiting around while you fit them (time is money) and often they won't fit anyway. We bought a car seat to take our baby daughter home from the hospital (she was born in Hong Kong) and that's the only time it got used; so we have a brand new car seat sitting on top of the wardrobe waiting for number 3 to come home from the hospital.

    Good luck with the move.


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    We have a car and used car seats when the kids were babies. But we never took it out and used it when we took taxis, minibuses, & big buses.

    If you don't have a car, don't bother bringing a car seat IMHO.

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    This is my second week in Hong Kong and I'm still struggling with the fact that Taxi's won't wait around while you struggle with a carseat. Having a front pack is essential and you can easily get the seatbelt around you with out it crossing the baby.

    Something I wish I had was a super light stroller. Something I would buy if I was coming from the US is a 'Sit & Stroll' Its a carseat that converts directly into a stroller. Type sit & stroll into the web and you'll see the site. Can't see why they aren't sold else where they look great

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