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Pain around front hip n thigh

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    Unhappy Pain around front hip n thigh

    Dear All Mums,

    I am 2 weeks time to my due date. During the whole pregnancy, I feel great. No morning sickness or any other problem with health, not even a flu.

    However, starting from last week, I feel pain around my thigh (muscular). The location is around my front parts and thigh's joints (not ankle) but the joint to my hips.

    The pain is very severe when I have to knee down or even when I need to turn my both legs together to change position during sleeps. Even when I was sleeping, I can feel a burning sensation on that area. I find that, sleeping on my back with my legs bent is the most comfortable way to sleep, but I can't sleep on my back 4 too long! When I need to put down my knees, the pain is so severe.

    While walking, the pain is not so much, unless I went down staircases. Other than that, I have to walk like a penguin (both thigh a bit apart) with an awkward jolt, because I was trying to adjust to my pains.

    Does anyone had this experience before? Could you tell me how to ease the pain a bit? I tried everything, from using supports when I need to turn and walk VERY slowly. Also I used cold towel around that area to ease the pain while at home. Tried to do some light exercise around that area to loosen the muscle, but it didn't help. And I do not want to go to Doctor, incase he would prescribe me with medicine or even worse Physio theraphy!

    Please share your experience with me, would really appreciate it.

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    Bumblebzz is offline Registered User
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    It sounds like SPD. If so, print this article & talk to your OB.

    Good luck!

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    my friend had sth like that when she was carrying twins. her ob-gyn said cos the baby is pressing down her hip joint. there was nothing she could do. but i do suggest you see your on-gyn in case it's sth else. if she/he does give you pain-killers, u have a choice not to take them. better be safe then sorry. you can ask him whether you can try a warm bath. warm water usually helps pain then cold.

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    FirstMumSKW is offline Registered User
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    Dear Bumblebzz,Joannek...

    Thanks a lot for the advice and info. Tomorrow is my weekly check up, will tell Doc about it.

    All the best to you all.

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