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British Airways Toddler Seat

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    ZoeG is offline Registered User
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    British Airways Toddler Seat

    I'm flying back to the UK in May with my daughter who will be 14 months by then. She's a real wriggler and won't sit still at all, so I'm trying to decide whether to book her a seat of her own or risk using one of the toddler seats on British Airways.
    Has anyone used ones of these seats with their little one? It is a bit like a car seat I think and is used instead of the bassinet once the baby is over 6 months. Did your little one sleep in it OK?
    Look forward to hearing your experiences!

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    sofia Guest

    Hi ZoeG, Im moving to Hong Kong in March with my 33 and 15 month children. We're thinking of flying with British Airways too and we also haven't decided whether to book a normal seat or a baby seat for our youngest.

    I thought the toddler seat would be placed in a normal seat, so they would have a seat of their own but with a special chair for them. Where do they put the toddler seat then?

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    They put the toddler seat where the basinett would usually go in front of the bulk head seats, they actually strap it on. My toddler went ok in it but it was a bit like musical chairs, just the age I think. If there's turbulance they like you to take them out of it even if they are fast asleep, then they have to be strapped in with an adult. Kids can actually fit in the seat till they are 2 years mabe a little older if they are small.
    I found with our little girl when she was a small bub up to 8 months the bassinet was better because she could lie flat when sleeping. The new toddler seat doesnt actually go completely flat. You ajust the thing like those baby rocking chairs we all buy that sit on the floor. They are ok though for older babies and toddlers, you can sit them up and feed them in it too, what I liked.
    Just a note if you would prefere the bassinet instead you MUST request it well before hand

    Last edited by Kimmi; 02-15-2006 at 09:51 AM.

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    Keryn is offline Registered User
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    My toddler found them really uncomfortable and screamed the place down. and on closer inspection - i don't blame her. She was 13 months at the time - next time I fly home I am DEFINATELY GETTING A SEAT FOR HER with her own car seat in it.

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    Wee Kean is offline Registered User
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    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    We have used the BA toddler/car seat when our daughter was 10 months old. It was very good - she slept in it, ate in it, no problem. We are flying to the UK this Friday (Cathy Pacific). This time we have bought her a seat and will bring our own car seat. She is 16 months old now.

    Can anyone share your experiences of using your own car seat? How did your child respond?

    Does anyone have any tips for getting the car seat to the plane other than carrying it by hand?

    Thank you!

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    TanyaH is offline Registered User
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    Repulse Bay

    Hi Weekean,

    We Put Angus in his car seat at Christmas - it was SOOOOO much better than the BA travel seats - he actually slept half the way because he was much more comfortable. I strapped the car seat to one of those fold down luggage trollies that you can get in the dollar shops.

    Have a fun trip. Tanya x

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