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thinking of having a second baby and...

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    thinking of having a second baby and...

    im already starting to query the hosiptal system here. i went all private for my first child and i had an elective c/s. the second time round i am thinking about trying the public system for the delivery whilst the pre-checkups are private. will the public hospital allow me to have an elective c/s as i had one before? how long will this be decided through a pregnancy? i guess this decision caould actually be made near the end of the pregancy but i am curious as to the system here in public hosiptals for repreated c/s cases.

    i live in NT and the nearest public hospital to me is prince of wales, anuobe had experiences at POW? thanks

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    I went for check ups at a private hospital and had my baby at Prince of Wales. I had to have an emergency c-section. I have head that those who have had a c-section can opt for a c-section for their next pregnancy.

    I also lived in the NT before so i went to POW. I have heard from many friends that POW is the best place to have a baby and they have a top rate neo natal unit.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Shaz,

    I went to QMH for all my check ups & my first one was a C. All through my SECOND pregnancy I kept asking them if i could have a C again & they kept telling me that I can try a normal birth,

    In my 36 week they discussed my options with me & finally told me that I can have an elective C as my last one was one...This is the standard practice I've heard. IF u've had a C before they WILL offer u an Elective C again BUT only in the end & they will try to discourage you from having an elective C.

    Hope this helps....all the best!!!

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