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C-section vs. vaginal birth

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    dissolvable stitches for CS


    skimmed the emails quickly and saw 2 posts that said the removable of their stitches for their CS was painful, I had dissolvable stitches (I think that's what it's called) which meant there was nothing to remove when the scar healed, all very efficient I thought!

    Some advice for those pregnant and considering these birthing issues - while it's certainly impt to concentrate on how you want your birthing process to go, in the large scheme of things, it's a very short time (we are talking at most 24 hours labour and birth right) in relation to the months later when you have to care for your baby. I remember post delivery in the first month being amazed at how quickly the birthing process was done with and how unprepared I was for the huge challenge of taking care of a newborn.....

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    Medical technology definatly has its place; however, I think that it's important to remember that every medical intervention increases your risk of complications often making further interventions necessary.

    You really don't know what labour is going to be like until you have experienced it. I went into both of my labours with the goal of doing it as natural as possible (within a hospital setting), but at the same time I wasn't going to beat myself up if I NEEDED drugs or other interventions. Lucky for me my labour/deliveries were 4 and 2 hours and I was ably to do it no drugs. I can't say what I would have done if I had long labour/deliveries. You don't really know till you've been there.

    In the end, everyone wants a healthy mom and baby. I guess that's why personally, I have a difficult time understanding why anyone elect to have a c-section in situations where there is no medical reason to do so.

    Just my opinion.

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    MayC & Mandz

    You both mentioned symptoms similar to mine and so I just want to alert you ladies to a couple of things I encountered. Not to say these are the only symptoms, but just FYI because I'd hate for you to go thru the problems I have.

    Severe period cramps were my first clue that I have endometriosis. I was only diagnosed after I was in agony with an oozing cyst the size of a grapefruit, coukd've been averted with an ultrasound and earlier treatment.

    I also had a very short labor (5 hrs) with my firstborn, no drugs as I was able to cope with the pain. Dr and everyone were thrilled. Then I lost our second baby in 2nd trimester, the diagnosis was incompetent cervix--cervix prematurely dilates. I didn't even know I was in labor, same as with firstborn only ofcourse much earlier. I just had another baby full term, and again delivered with no drugs and had 5 hr labor. But I had a lot of precautionary measures to ensure I wouldn't lose this little guy. There's no way to definitely test for IC, but there are a few tests that can indicate it. Also, you can have your OB in next pregnancy check often on your cervix length.

    I don't mean to scare you, just something to keep in mind if you wish.

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    Successful c-section!

    Mandy - well done on researching the options of child-birth. I too read so much (perhaps too much) information before giving birth to my son 5 month ago.
    I was very definitely wanting a natural delivery - no drugs etc and definitely NO c-section. Due to feotal distress I had to have a c-section and all I can say is THANK YOU GOD!
    Those couple of hours of labour I experienced were not fun at all, the contractions were so damn painful I was wondering how long I could go without screaming for some drug intervention.. when the OB told me I'd have to have a c-section I was almost relieved! I wasn't scared as I had read up on c-sections too, just in case it had to happen and so I was well informed about the procedure that was about to take place.
    For me personally (and I have 2 friends that echo my words) it was the EASIEST thing ever! The actual operation was a breeze, obviously you have an epidural so you can't feel anything. I recovered really well, I was up an running the next day (just an expression, don't jump down my throat too! haha). Sure, I was a little bit sore and I was walking slowly but I showered myself the next day and sat cross legged on my bed for the rest of the day - I felt fabulous. I was waiting for the time I'd start to feel like I'd been run over by a truck (again, figuratively speaking) but I never felt that way. I couldn't believe how easy the procedure had been and how well I recovered. I didn't take any pain-killers and I could honestly barely feel the stitches being pulled out. Within a week I was driving my car and doing grocery shopping. Sure, you have to take it easy, don't lift very heavy things - but you have to be careful after having a vaginal delivery as well. I even organised my son's baptism - invites, church, restaurant etc 1 week after he was born!
    From the horror stories I've heard of vaginal deliveries, a number of my friends have had 3rd degree tears, a couple were too scared to have sex until 3 months afterwards (!) and some were saying how painful it was for them to go to the toilet to pass bowel motions after vaginal deliveries. Plus the stories they gave me of how difficult their actual labours were freaked me out - some laboured for over 17 hours and then had to have emergency c-sections anyway - oh my goodness!
    For me, I'm definitely having a c-section 2nd time round - it was just too easy.

    Having said that though - everybody has their own experiences and the above is my opinion. Some do not recover well from c-sections and some also do not enjoy a VD and swear they'll have a c-section next time. The choice is very much up to you and you won't know how your body or you will react to either until you do it yourself!!

    As someone else said in here, "The birth itself is such a small amount of time in the whole scheme of things. Try to focus more on what you will do after baby is born, will you breastfeed? will you have a sleeping and eating routine for your baby? do you have your nursery ready? etc... Easier said than done of course as I know I was far too preoccupied (and scared!) about the whole labour/birth process too.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do and let us know how the birth goes for you!

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    Having read all these good and bad experiences mostly on CS, I'd just like to share mine on VB. I have always wanted a VB, just because it's the "natural" way. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much if my doc told me I needed a CS. After all, it's not a new medical procedure and I trusted my doc.

    Labor lasted 3.5 hours for me, and it was not as painful as I had expected. Several hours after giving birth, I got out of bed w/o any pain - just a bit sore and fatigue. It was a very good experience for me. I guess I haven't really said much. To me, it just came naturally, and I must be one of the lucky ones.

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    Smile 2 C-sections


    First time around I went into labour but had to have an emergency c due to fetal distress..the operation itself was a breeze....but the pain later was pretty I'm the sort of person who finds a blood test painful so it's all relative I guess....breafeeding was a bit difficult esp. for the first 24 hours as I had to lie in bed & turning from the right to left was very difficult...I had dissolvable that was cool

    Having said that ..the second time around I had a planned c section...this time around was a very different experience....the operation was a breeze again...I was breastfeeding in 3 hours after the surgery & the next morning was up and walking...did'nt even need painkillers...the pains went down from 7 to 2 after the stiches were removed 6 days's 2 weeks now & I don't belive I had surgery 2 weeks ago.....

    just my 2 bits....

    all the best for whatever u plan....

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    long term problems


    Alot of my work is with children and adults with learning difficulties and neuro-developmental delays.
    Some problems which may arise(does not mean they will) which are associated with C- sections- Retained Spinal Galant Reflex, this reflex develops in utero and is there to get the baby to wriggle down the birthing canal, this reflex should be integrated around 3-9 months after birth, if this reflex remains unintegrated after this time, it has been associated with bed wetting, fidgeting, poor concerntration and poor memory. If it remains present on one side only it may also affect posture, gait and locomotion.
    Also the baby coming head first down the birth canal sets the proprioceptors of the skin, if these are not set then the child may not like touch and could be tactile sensitive.

    These problems are not associated with all C- sections

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    just to remind you... even though i had an epidural with my c-section it was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have talked to other women who have also found the operation horribly painful!

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