I'm helping a charitable organization that helps sponsor toddler homes and children's homes, as well as supports 6 colonies for people affected with leprosy in India. Their webpage is here: http://www.risingstaroutreach.org/rso.htm

I help them by collecting the clothings/toys/books and getting people to bring them into India so we can get away with huge import duties. The packages will then be mailed to their homes locally. The organization currently has 3 homes, each with about 30 childrens and will need these on an ongoing basis. Please let me know if you can help. My email is [email protected]

- Girls cotton dresses with short sleeves -
- Shorts and t-shirts for the boys
- Pajamas
(SUMMER only please, for clothes as it is really HOT there ALL year!)
- Teddy bears/Dolls/Beanie babies
- New or gently used children books in English (no religious)

Thanks in advance,