I'm just looking for some advice for some fellow expats. We are considering moving, but having a hard time trying to weigh up the values of different areas. Not new to HK, but sometimes feel very ignorant of things about HK. We have 3 kids under 4 and currently live in DB... nice place (with yard) but we are kind-of popping out at the seams. So, we are thinking of moving out - I love Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay area, but what concerns me is, how much is there to do for really young kids. And which one is better, Sai Kung or Clearwater - or has anyone got any other ideas? Huge advantage of where we are now you walk to the end of nearly any street and there are parks and then of course on terrible days, there is Residents club which has decent facilities. Even though we have an outside area, kids sometimes go stir crazy and need adventures- plus I do a bit of work from home, so sometimes it is nice to send the helper out with the kids so I can get a moments peace. Will I be able to do that safely over there. I know even though DB is very Truman, you have to admit it is really set up for really young kids. Also the oldest goes to kindergarten and the second one goes to playgroup & the third loves socializing too... i just can't sacrifice that for a bigger place, a car, etc etc etc
The other place we are considering is South Lantau.... same issues again though, but up side is Hubby won't take as long to get to work as he would from Sai Kung. Finding it hard to find Alot of info on the places, but really would like to weigh up all the facts in order to make the right decision for us, but most importantly the kids - so I would really appreciate anyone's input and thoughts