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Pokfulam V Discovery Bay

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    Discovery Bay

    Pokfulam V Discovery Bay

    We are having a hard time at the moment choosing what area to move to. My husbands firm is helping the move and helping us with housing allowance etc.
    I have a 3 year old daughter and a baby on the way in May, we also have a large dog. My husband work's long hours close to admiralty. We always get different views from people about both areas. Now Im getting a little confused. I have manage to get my little girl into a kindy in DB which must be a stroke of luck as I hear all international Kndergardens have long waiting lists. I also know there's a good supermarket and its great for dogs, but it's a bit of a treck for hubby to work.
    Is there many International Kindergardens in Pokfulam and easy to get into?
    Do they allow dogs in say Baguio Villa's, Scenic Villa's or bel Air ??
    Also is there a good supermarket to shop thats walking distance to these apartments?
    You views and advice would be much appreciated, many thanks.

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    DB to Admiralty is NOT a trek... 25 minutes on ferry, 5-10 minutes in a taxi....

    i'm guessing that during morning rush hour, the commute would be abut the same from pok fu lam

    the other thing is, on the ferry, you can sleep, read your paper, have your morning coffee, chat with friends on your way to work....
    watch your ipod, read your book, relax with a beer, chat to friends on your way home.

    your"down time" begins the minute you step onto the ferry...

    i've been in HK for 11 years, i've lived almost everywhere in HK. i have 2 dogs and a 1 year old son. i would not want to live anywhere else!

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    Hi Kimmi,

    We're in Pok Fu Lam and there are loads of dogs in the area. Yes, all the buildings mentioned allow dogs. Pok Fu Lam is only 20 mins from Central and is super convenient. I'm sure your husband will enjoy hopping into a taxi after a long day. Kindergartens in the area include Woodlands, Sunshine, ESF, Victoria. I haven't heard of wait times. The Baguio ParknShop is an expat supermarket and stocks pretty much everything. Scenic has a Wellcome where you can get the essentials. The Belcher's Wellcome is HUGE, but many people tend to avoid it cos of the wet market, but I love the Rose Noire bakery and make it a point to go there 1x week.


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