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ESF Places

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    ESF Places

    What is the low-down on ESF schools?

    I was told by 1 person they have to offer you a place if you speak no Chinese, but another disagreed with this.

    I rang them to check and they were very vague.

    What is everyone's experiences?


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    No, but it effects your priority for an interview.

    Applications in higher categories will be invited for interviews before those in lower ones, regardless of the date of application.

    Category 1. First language English speaking students who cannot attend a local school because of insufficient grasp of Cantonese.

    Category 2. Students whose first language is not English who cannot attend a local school because of insufficient grasp of Cantonese.

    Category 3. Students with English as an additional language, who qualify to attend a local school.

    Within each category priority will be given to students who:

    * have brothers or sisters already attending the school
    * are attending an ESF Educational Services kindergarten (for Y1 only)
    * are former students returning from a period overseas
    * have a parent who is a full time employee of the ESF
    * are the children of former students of the school.

    A student who has no place in a Hong Kong school, on arrival in Hong Kong, will take preference over a student with a place in another Hong Kong school.

    Go here:<>

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