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A Belcher's in Happy Valley or Tai Hang

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    Avi is offline Registered User
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    A Belcher's in Happy Valley or Tai Hang

    I'll be moving soon out of Belcher's soon and am looking for apt complexes similar to Belcher's. I love their facilities and their child freindly environment and their convenient supermarket. I was just wondering if their were similar places like this not in the pok fu lam area. any nice place sugg estions are also welcome.

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    matthew_mama is offline Registered User
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    where did u work,hk east is it ok,I live in Siu Sai Wan,Island Resort,it's a good place had good facility ,nice sea view,and lower price for rent,and fresh air, u can take bus to central,causeway bay etc,and nearly tai tam,
    in here also had some foreign family

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    mammalicious is offline Registered User
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    i think hk parkview is very similar to belchers it has a great park and shop, and very family friendly. other places you can look may be braemar hill and pacific palisades? another option may be to live somewhere spacious, but join a nearby club such as the cricket club, or football club and enjoy the family facilities there.

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    Eastern side, Hong Kong

    Le Sommet at Fortress Hill. 2 Towers only so it is not overcrowded. Great facilities for children. ParkNshop,it has great Wellcome, mannings, watson just steps away. Best of all, the public transport at your convenience MTR (fortress hill), busses, tram... FOODS...many of them.
    one thing though, it does require a littlebit of exercise to walk up the hill.

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