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    AlexGuitel is offline Registered User
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    I drink 1/2 L of milk a day for now 10 years and have no problems with calcium, great teeth, hair & nails. Same when I was pregnant so maybe it's a good amount...
    Take care

    :yeah2 :yeah2

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    MeowMeow is offline Registered User
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    I would recommend you to drink the added "calcium" orange juice from Tropicana (NOT from concentrate). I've had it throughout my pregnancy and I believe it helped me alot and also my dd's bones.


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    virgobb is offline Registered User
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    Yes, you can actually get calcium from a lot of other foods. e.g. orange, sardines (with bones) ...

    In the chart, I find that even sesame seed contains a lot of calcium. It's good because I like sesame seed. In Chinese cuisine we have a sweet soup by sesame seed and I like it very much :D

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    mammalicious is offline Registered User
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    you need about 1200mg of calcium per day i was told.

    you can get calcium from dairy products and also very green veggies. also i took calcium supplements as well. during pregnancy, the baby takes a lot of your calcium, so i believe that you need to ensure you get ample amounts.

    please note though, that when taking calcium supplements, your body will only absorb around 500gm at a time, so take one tablet in them morning and one at night. also you need vitamin D for your body to absorb the calcium. not sure if you need the vitamin D + magnesium though.

    hope this helps

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    when i was pregnant, i drank pura skim. one giant latte cup (at least 450ml) morning & night. i used to add horlick to it cos you're not suppose to drink cold drinks when u'r pregnant & i hated warm milk. so i added horlick (horlick only, no additional sugar, but horlick is quite sweet on its own) to disguise the taste. but when it was time to check my blood glucose, i was borderline failing. so my obgyn gave me one more chance - checked me again after a month. so i stopped the horlick totally, and just drank plain skimmed milk warmed (holding my nose). when i checked blood glucose again 1 mth later, i was better than normal!!
    so watch out for those things u add to your milk.

    if it's for the calcium, u can choose to go to IMI (17/F kailey bldg, stanley st) to get the cal-mag from whole food . very gd. i'm still taking them now that my baby is 14 mths-old. cos im still bf her.

    gd luck!

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