oh well... we finally have a date. My husband will be moving to Hong Kong in June and my son and I will join him at the end of August. We just got the news and we are.... fricked out! Tons of things to do: packed, sell the house, the cars, look for a place to live, enroll the kid for school and I need help.

- We will get a $14000 HKD allowance per housing. What can we rent for that price? I was thinking on a 3 bedroom apartment but I supposed 2 will work too if the area is nicer.

- Could anybody give me an idea on monthly expenses: gas, phone, electricity, water,internet... trying to figure out our budget :-)

- My son will be 3 in 2 months: Options for school? IS homeschooling an option in HK?

- Moving companies from the US to HK? The move is not paid by the company and we would like to find something cheap to move a couple of items (not much stuff)

Thanks a lot!!!