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I know how important it is to get the teeth/gums in good health before trying to get pregnant, so am trying to find a dentist who can do the usual exam and cleaning, but who isnt overly expensive since I do not have insurance coverage yet (need 12 months in coverage before dental benefits can be used).

Any dentist recommendations? I read about Dr. Lee on this site, but not sure how much he charges.

What is a general pricing guideline for an exam and cleaning? In the US it was under US$100 for both, and wondering if it is about the same in HK.

Thanks so much for advice/suggestions. :)

Dear Jaetee,

check out this amazing toothpaste from Germany:

My GP Dr. Lauren Bramley recommended it to me and it is the perfect prophylaxis before and whilst being pregnant. P&D contains tiny soft cleansing pellets that reach deep into inter-dental spaces and gently message your gums. It is also free of Triclosan which is a substance I would avoid whilst being pregnant (all the others are loaded with that chemical). P&D is also rich in essential oils - extremely soothing for the gums. I had minor gum bleeding during my pregnancy and after I started to use P&D, the trouble was gone

I still use P&D today. You can order online (special online offer with free delivery within Hong Kong/ takes a day or two) or as far as I know both Dr. Lucy Lord and Dr. Lauren Bramly sell the product in their practice

Really worth a try.