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milk free foods

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    milk free foods

    My 7 month old is now eating 3 substantial meals a day, however he does have an allergy to milk.

    Does breastmilk provide enough fat and calcium?
    I would like to introduce milk free yoghurt and cheeses but cannot find them in the New Territories - has anyone seen them over on Kowloon/Hong Kong side?

    I've also read that babies with milk allergies may also be allergic to soya - if this is the case, what alternative foods could I offer?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    You can try almond milk for calcium. Cod liver oil and flaxseed oil for the essential fats.

    Yes, soy, cow's milk and wheat are the 3 allergens highest on the list.

    You can try goat's milk if he is not allergic to it.

    At 7 mth old, solid food would provide reasonable nutrition already.



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