My baby started getting teeth at 17 weeks old and he LOVED his paci.. he was practically sucking on his binky all day long and when he slept. he would cry in the middle of the night looking for his paci (not awake though) so I was fetching his paci from month 0 - 6. At month 7 he started waking up in the middle of the night wanting attention or to be fed so we knew it was time to do Ferber, and to wean him on paci at the same time. I knew it would only get harder later on.

It was a miserable weekend. we chose a 3 day weekend so my husband could get some sleep b/c he wakes at 6am for work. First night he cried for 30 minutes, second night 15, third night 7. 4th night to 21st nights varied from no cry to 30 minutes. Finally, he did not need his paci to go to sleep and he was Ferberized at the same time. Now we bring him to look at the skyline of Central from his bedroom and look at the cars and buses and tell him everybody's going nite nite. We put him down and he rolls on his tummy to go to sleep. (refuses to sleep on back anymore!) Now he's 8 months old, we both get great sleep. :-) Paci is okay if the child doesn't need it in the middle of the night.. but my son needed it and it was disturbing both our sleep.