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Pacifiers - how to give them up

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    Pacifiers - how to give them up

    How/when did your little one give up his pacifier? Share your stories and tips here

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    The two olders one thankfully didn't like thier pacifier, more into their thumbs which they both stopped sucking at around 2ys old- unfortuantely we're struggling with our 18month old (David) who'se a right little terror when he hasn't got his pacifier constantly in his mouth (except for eating). We actually dropped it onto the streets at Disney and frantically rushed around to find boiling water to sterilize it (somehow we forgot to pack a spare)- nightmare of a day with the crowds, the queues and a toddler screaming for his any hints or suggestions on how to wean him it off it (or at least for an hour or so) are more than welcome!!

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    My son is 18 months and he sucks his thumb. Its strange he hooked up to his habit after he was three months old. Initially he only use to suck his thumb when he was hungry or sleepy. Now I have noticed that he just puts his thumb in his mouth even when he is playiing. I really want him to wean him off this habit. Please advise how can I do it.

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    my baby just stopped using them and sucked her thumb instead when she was able to.

    but my friend had a funny story, not that i would advise anyone to do it though!! her daughter was sucking a pacifier and when she reached the age of 3 yrs she was still going strong. an uncle stuck the babies thumb into some chilli sauce, and when she tasted that on her pacifier, that was end of those!!!

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    I was fortunate. My son only used a pacifier from 3 months to 6 months. He just let go naturally and this was not substituted with the thumb. So we have been pacifier and thumb free since 6 months old

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    my son kelvin stopped when he was 2 years old. since he's been able to eat a little at this age at the same time bottle feeding he outgrowed the pacifier.. once your child gets used to it he won't be needing a pacifier. as pacifiers will have bad effects on our children's teeth.

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    When my son turned 12 months old. I threw away all the pacifiers. Within 3 or 4 days he stoped complaining before falling a sleep and was completely over it after a week.

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    Giving up dummy

    When my daughter turned two but was still going strong on her pacifier, I decided one day to cut the tip off of one so that it lost its sucking power. When my daughter popped it in her mouth, she promptly spit it back out with a quizzical expression. That's when i told her the binkie was "broken" and that we couldn't use it anymore. Surprisingly, that was all it took. She tried the binkie again a couple times that day and decided she didn't want a broken binkie. That night she went to sleep no problem! The next day, I cut the tip off of ALL her pacifiers and left them around the house for her to find. Her reaction? Broken, don't want! That was it. It took us a day to wean and best of all, she felt as if it was her decision to do so. She's never gone back since!

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