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11 day old and breastfeeding

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    11 day old and breastfeeding

    my 11 day old is always sleeping i keep having to wake her up and for her on the breast when my husband feeds her it takes about one hour to drink about 130ml from the bottle how do i know if shes geeting enough and how long should she be feeding for on the breast any advice:bfeeding

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    Our lactation nurse told us that babies drink more from the bottle than the breast.
    She also said that if the baby has its arms near its mouth/head, the baby is hungry. As the arms drop to about 90 degrees, the baby is filling up. When the arms at at their sides and they look like they could be drunk on the milk, they are full.
    Short of that you can buy a scale that will measure the weight gain from the feeding.
    Might also want to contact the La Leche people in HK.

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    Is your baby sucking actively when she is breastfeeding?
    If you aren’t sure what I mean by “sucking actively” watch Dr. Jack Newman’s videos at
    The best ones to watch are Third Latch and First Latch..

    If you baby is doing this kind of sucking you know that she is getting milk. If your baby isn’t doing this type of sucking I’d call a La Leche League Leader for help,

    Best wishes,

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