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heinz teething rusks

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    heinz teething rusks

    a friend of mine lets her baby girl gnaw on the heinz teething rusks, but someone else has told me they are really salty? i like that they are hard and hard to bite into small bits which would cause a choking hazard. i'v looked at the box and it says that a small amount of salt was added to make it hard.

    any opinions on whether it's too much salt to feed to a 7 month old baby? any thought would be appreciated


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    Hi. We haven't tried Heinz teething rusks since they contain milk and my baby has an allergy to it. Regarding the salt, I read that babies under 1yr should not consume more than 1g each day. Even if you do not add salt to baby's food, some foods may already contain sodium such as baby cereals.

    However I did buy the Healthy Times Teething Biscuits (from select Park 'n shops) which are also wheat,soy and dairy free and contain no salt. They are also hard and do not break into pieces. I gave my son one to gnaw on for 20 minutes and only a small amount had dissolved. Having said that, it caused a bit of a mess dribbling down his chin and on his hands. It's also a shame that the rest of the biscuit was wasted.

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