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activity centers

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    activity centers

    I was wondering if anyone has bought an activity center (360 degree rotating seat with lots of toys around - Baby Einstein) and whether their baby enjoyed playing in it. Also does it put a strain on the baby's legs?

    My 7.5 month old is getting more mobile now and I would like to keep him safely occupied in one place whilst I go about my chores. It seems he has grown bored of his swing and puts up a good fight whenever we try to put him in it, so we need another distraction. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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    Hi. i hesitated to get the exersaucer because I did not want baby things start piling up in the house. but i am so happy that i got it!! the ones sold at Bumps to Babes are very expensive. I believe about 1200-1300 and you have to pay for delivery. I got mine at Toys R Us at Windsor House. I was only 799. it's been a great purchase. we got it when he was 4mo. he's 6.5 and you can use it until he starts walking I believe.

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    My daughter is 6 months old. I got her one a few months ago. It is a great purchase as it keeps her entertained for short periods while I have a cup of tea etc. It can be opened up when she is able to walk and the toys can be arranged to suit toddlers.

    The one I chose was height adjustable and doesn't seem to place her legs or back under stress but I wouldn't advise that you use them for extended periods of time though.

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