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From a nervous mom of a 6mo

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    From a nervous mom of a 6mo

    Hi. we moved to HK from NYC hoping that our kids would have a more relaxed schooling experience..I grew up in Asia and went to public schools up until college in the US and had lots of good things to say about public schools.

    However, after some talks with my husband's colleagues I realized it's the same thing over here - interviews for 2 yo to get into kindergartens and portfolios documenting the child's developments.. I was really shocked.

    Can anyone share experience on what we need to prepare and where to look into information regarding schooling? Our son is only 6 mo but we are already told to put his name on a waiting list and put down a deposit of some type. Is there a website or a book that explains all these (international schools in HK)? Thanks!


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    Hi Cindy,
    My bab is 10months and I'm already late to register him in the French Internationnal School and I'm not sure he'll get a room there for 2007/2008!!!! That's crazy, I'm as shocked as you !!!
    I'll look if I find some infos for you & keep in touch.
    Hope to read you soon or even meet for a coffee or a park-snack ;-)

    :yeah2 :yeah2

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    my baby just turned 7mths and i'm been hearing these things left and right, having to put their names on waiting list at this time. can you pls keep me posted as well if you find anything. i'll start researching this week as well, i swore i won't get into that trap of fretting over education, but do we have a choice really? it's getting quite scary, even for private schools.

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    I checked out a small kindergarten close to where I live and they said they take in applications a year in advance. So if your child begins next september then you apply this september. when my son was 18 months I put in an application. We had an "interview" when my son turned 2, which was nothing more than a talk between the principal and me while she just watched my son. He didn't speak any english at the time and the principal wasn't bothered by it. She said she just needed to see that the child is able to communicate with the mother that's all - just a precaution they take to see if the child seems to have any obvious learning difficulties. That was it, my son didn't say a word to her and he was accepted in the school. Started at 2 and 1/2,he learns through play, picked up english in a matter of months and loves school.

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    I'm a local HK mum who has a daughter of 7 months' old. I just joined this forum yesterday and read the threads. I find that all new mums worry about the education but if you follow the local public government schools, you don't have to worry about putting your son or daughter's name on their list. Those require the pre-registration are for famous international schoools only. Also, they will look at your family's finance and education background rather than your registration time. Hope this information can help the nervous Mom.

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