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Pre-Pregnancy Checkup - Seeking Clinic or Doctor Recommendation

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    Pre-Pregnancy Checkup - Seeking Clinic or Doctor Recommendation

    I'm new to HK and its health care system. I'm looking for clinic or doctor that does pre-pregnancy checkup and fertility test for both female and male. Looking thru this forum I found two on different ends of spectrum

    Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (Public)

    Women Clinic's (Private) (Dr Milton Leung et al)

    Any feedback on either? Do any of the public hospital or ob/gyn have pre-pregnancy/fertility clinics? Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated


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    hi, jewel838,

    I've been to both for different reasons. My husband and I went to the Family Planning Assoc before we were married to get ourselves checked. They check blood - type, HIV, hemoglobin, and a few others i don't remember now. They checked my husband's sperm count, motility, etc. Asked about our individual sexual history and suggested possible types of contraception if needed. They did advise and arrange for me to get a rubella shot as i was not immune to it. Their testing is the first step kind of thing.

    We've used Milton Leong as our ob-gyn. Before i got pregnant, i had problems staying pregnant. So we did the testing that you do to check what's causing the problem - so this is second step kind of thing. And it's quite expensive.

    If you have no immediate problem and just want a general idea of your reproductive health, i'd suggest the Family Planning one first.

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