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Trip to NY

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    beckymaky is offline Registered User
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    Wink Trip to NY

    Hi there! We are going over to NY in September. Since we are there we thought we would make a big hoilday of it. We would love any suggestions for ideas of where to stay (outside of NY is fine) with a 2 and 3 year old in tow. Am looking at things like cabin/cottage etc. I guess I should make the most of possible out door activities but not sure which area to start looking at.

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Are you going to New York City, or New York State? Beautiful places in New York include:

    The Catskills

    The Adirondacks:

    The Finger Lakes region

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    Any more suggestions?

    Hi thanks for the info. We are in NY city for a few days and then we would like to head out but which direction??? We can drive out so anything that is about 6 hours out is okay. Any further makes it too long, keepong in mind I have 2 toddlers with me. Getting a little overwhelmed. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Cabin/cottage holiday would be preferble to staying in hotel.

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    Go to Cape Cod, drive 4 - 5 hours from New York to Cape Cod.
    Cape Cod is beautiful and family may rent a holiday house or staying at Inn...My hubby is from Cape Cod and we all heading home for summer holiday. If you need more details, let me know.

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    Took an Amtrack train up from New York to Boston last week. Would definately recommend doing the train route if you're going to travel around there. Lots more space and I'm sure the rocking motion of the train will knock the baby out :)

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    francobellini is offline Registered User
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    ideas for your trip to NY

    While I believe you can have an amazing time in NYC and Brooklyn with two little kids, I think it's also great to get outta town. Here are two recommendations from the parents' website of our old neighborhood in Brooklyn. I am also happy to give you a list of fun stuff to do in the city with little kids - parks, restaurants, etc...
    you can e-mail me at [email protected] if you want that info.

    Otherwise, here's what a NY parent suggested about reasonable weeekends away from the city:

    1. Eastover Resort in Lenox, Mass. is great fun, very informal and
    very reasonably priced with all meals and most activities included.
    They have certain family weeks at which time it is all families with
    children. One caveat- accommodations are very basic.
    2. Rocking Horse Ranch, upstate NY near New Paltz. Excellent
    children's program- even for very young children. Also all
    inclusive. Nice grounds, very clean, very family oriented also.


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