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Bouncy Castles - Safe?

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    Bouncy Castles - Safe?

    My son really enjoys jumping and horsing around on the bouncy castles whenever he gets the chance, however, everytime he hits the mat, I cringe and wonder how safe these contraptions are, I know it is filled with air, but can it hurt them? Sometimes the force of the falls can be quite vicious as I see the kids jumping down to the mat from different heights. Is there a possibility of whiplash? Or am I being neurotic?

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    There's always a possibility of injury when kids bounce around and play. I think the biggest danger on the bouncy castle is kids landing on each other. However, kids are pretty resilient, they love playing on them, so I'd say let him bounce and enjoy himself.

    I used to love to:
    * roll down hills
    * hang upside down and swing on climbing frames over ashphalt
    *play on an enormous sand heap at the end of a country dirt road with now adult supervision

    Save your fears for when he's older and decides to take up something scary like rugby. ;)

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