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Informative ob/gyn - on time even?

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    Informative ob/gyn - on time even?

    I'm just starting trying to conceive and want to start looking for an ob/gyn.

    Both my partner and I are quite scientifically minded. I'd like to find someone who will give me lots of information and won't dumb it down for me.

    Most of the recommendations I've read have been more about wanting someone who doesn't "worry" unnecessarily. I'm more interested in finding someone who's informative and willing to take the time to educate me about my pregnancy.

    I've been to Dr Gosh for a gyno checkup before and found him nice but very brisk. The answer to all of my questions was that there was "nothing to worry about". I'm not worried, just curious!

    I also found the waiting times pretty absurd (I waited three hours for my first apt which was cancelled, then for my rescheduled apt they called me to come in when ready and I still had to wait two hours). Maybe this is the norm for this kind of thing, but I work full time right now and would rather not take half days off for nothing. Perhaps this is unavoidable with drs who are in and out of surgery, but it seems like they book too many patients in!

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    Unfortunately yes you do get messed around with a Dr who is very popular and busy. If you see Dr Ghosh, you are seeing one of the best knowledgable OB/GYN in HK. Ive seen him all they way through with my pregnancy which is 'high risk' and I feel very comfortable with him. You could shop around, but I still think it will be the same with these popular DRs. GOOD LUCK hey!

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    Hi, Esque,

    I know what you mean - i had a complicated pregnancy and was seeing Dr. Milton Leong. He is a very good ob-gyn and is highly qualified and trusted. But once in a while, i'd have to see Dr. Doo who practices with him and with Dr. Doo (2523-3007), I got my questions answered in a straightforwad, not "dumbed"way. He spent time explaining things to my husband and me - I read a lot and researched a lot about my issues and wanted to know stuff from a doctor's experience or point of view. He also does very thorough ultrasound scans.

    There is a wait to see sometimes. If you time yourself for appointments just after lunch or first in the am, it's a bit better.

    All the best!

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    chichi is offline Registered User
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    Hi, Esque, I would recommend Dr Joe Chan to you as I think he is the one you're looking for. He is very patient, knowledgable and professional. He impressed me by his patience. He always listen to my feelings and concerns and answer my questions in details. He made me feel comfortable after every visits.
    He delivered my girl about 3 months ago. He actually waited for me in the hospital before I arrived there!! My girl is lovely and pretty. I truely believe that he is a doctor that you can trust and rely on. I would certainly recommend him to anybody anyday. Good luck. His no. is 25233328.

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