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Feeling Guilty

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    Sylvieng is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2005
    Park Island

    Wow MayC, I have to say that I quite admire you. I dont think I would have been able to do it if I'd have to express my milk. Way to go.
    Congratulation! Your baby is really lucky to have such a dedicated mother.

    arkcocoon, I think that it is the burden of every mother to feel guilty all the time. We love our children so much that we would like to give them the best all the time!

    My mother felt guilty because she also had to work and it is mostly my grandmother that raises us...
    My sister feels guilty because she has to work and most of the time, she cannot be at home when her children comes back from school...
    I feel guilty because even though I have "sacrifice" my career to I work at home, and I cannot always take Maylie out to the playground or playgroup even if I know that she just love to be around other babies... but well, I only have a limited time to see if I can do it or else I'll just have to go back to work for somebody else again, so I do have to work hard!...

    Whatever the situation, I think that by being mother, we will always feel guilty for something !
    Just tell yourself that you are doing it because you also want your baby to be able to benefict from everything that your income allowed you to give her :) Baby are more resilient than we can thnk, an the only thing that they REALLY REALLY need is our love ;)

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    arkcocoon is offline Registered User
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    May 2006

    dear all, thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement.

    dear icecube, you mentioned you were thinking of expressing twice a day before and after work - have you tried it or know of anyone else who've tried doing that? i'm just wondering if expressing twice a day will produce sufficient amount of bm for baby's daily needs... grateful if anyone else who have tried doing so could share their experience with us.

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    cristletips is offline Registered User
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    Good job first of all for bf for 3 months! As far as expressing at work.. here is what I do. I don't travel, but i'd think it would take a lot of committment if you travel.

    I have an Advent portable cooler that i take with me, I bring 1 empty bottle and 2 plastic ziploc style disposible bottles. I use an Advent hand held pump. I try to express every 2-3 hours. I get an average of 3 ounces each time.

    I have to express in the toilet stall of the bathrooms where i work. I work freelance, so sometimes its different toilets. ONce i had to emergency express in the Langham hotel toilet!

    Luckily there are refrigerators at the places I work and no one ever minds that it sits in the fridge. Actually people are alwasy kind and there to help.

    SOmetimes my husband visits me at lunchtime on his day off so that I can bf her during my lunchbreak. One less express! It's a long trek for him, but i tell him its bonding for him and our daughter, plus he gets to see me I remind him!

    I also try to express at home after she feeds even if its a teeny bit, i save it and add to it. But i dont do it EVERY time. :)

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    icecube is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Hong Kong

    dear arkcocoon,
    I know someone who expressed 2 times a day. But the amount would only be enough for 2 - 3 feeds. The rest of the feeds would be in formula.

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