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The Husband's Role

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    Agree with all of the above, but also, as we were told during our birthing classes, it's your role to remind your wife to drink (and eat if she can handle it) lots of fluid.

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    Just went through this Monday. Great experience, but you will definitley be a minor player. Your wife is the most important person in the room, make sure she is comfortable and as relaxed as you can make her. Try to stay out of the way of the doctors and nurses. Realtively easy here in the US because the birthing rooms are big. You can be as involved as your ability to handle blood, pain, bodily fluids, etc... allows. I held her left leg and watched the monitor during the pushing process, walked her around while she was still ambulatory, tried to do what she needed in between. I did not cut the cord nor did I examine the placenta and was not in the room for the epidural because I know my limits and had promised our doula I would not become my own medical emergency.
    If you are bringing a camera, get a picture of the baby on the scale showing the birth-weight. We took a picture while my wife was doing the paperwork (the beginning) and then basically put the camera away until after the baby was born. Took a few shots in the moments after birth and then throughout the next days. We opted to ban the video camera.

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