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    Question Pollution

    We were preparing to start a family when my husband was transferred to Hong Kong. Now one month since we arrived, I am having serious questions whether to have babies here. Pollution is much worse than I had imagined. I would like to hear some experiences of other mothers going through pregnancy and how the babies are coping.

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    Tuen Mun

    I bought an air-purifier for my daughters room so that at least at night and for sleeps I know she is breathing clean air. My daughter is 3, has lived her whole life in HK and never had respiratory problems - other friends have not been so lucky. I think you should also look at where you live - if you are concerned about the polution where you are there are some nice "country" areas of HK where the air quality is much better than on the island. This could mean a longer commute for the workers in the family - but worth considering if things like asthma run in the family. Baby #2 is on the way - I know for us the decision to have kids here was more economic than anything else. There is no way we could have had a family living in Australia - childcare would have crippled us, and as much as I love my daughter I'm not ready to give up work.

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    Thank you for your reply!

    Yes we are planning to at least try to find a place on the South Side to avoid the pollution from the centre. We have looked into Sai Kung as well, but it seems really far for workers and non-workers in the family. I work from home, it would not be much a problem for me but I talked to someone whose kids had 1h commute to go to kindergarten!

    I understand the economic reasons as well, coming from Switzerland - it would be impossible for us to get help there.

    What is the brand of the air-purifier you bought? Is it easy to find in Hong Kong? May I wask you the price as well?

    Thanks again for this info!

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