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Montessori Playgroup - Children's own workshop

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    Mrs Buffy is offline Registered User
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    My experience with COW wasn't that great either. When I called to ask about the differenct time and classess, the admin girl who answered the phone couldn't give me a straight answer on most of questions, very frustrating.

    I still wanted to give it a go and book for a trial class. When I arrived, that admin girl told me the class was cancelled because the instructor got sick. She said she tried calling me "ONCE" but nobody answer!! That's ridculous!!! I check my phone log and there's no record of her call (she definitely has my correct phone number, because she called me previously to clarify my queries). She has no idea I have to cut short my girl's nap time, get stuck in traffic, pay for the expensive parking in Causeway to have that trial class. Her attitude is not the best either, so I just stormed out of there.

    The owner and instructors may be good, but the incompetent admin person ruin the whole experience and i guess I will never find out how good (or bad) they are.

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    creamblue is offline Registered User
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    Can I have the full name of IMS? Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Alamho View Post
    My 4-year-old tried COW at the beginning of this year and stopped going there after 2 months. Josephine, the boss, is good but not her staff. The concept "Montessori" is just a glimmick. They adopt the material and the general "concept". One can do the same at home. I change my 4+ son to IMS, a truly montessori school with dedicated staff and parents. They now move to South Horizon and offer toddler programme too. My 1+ child will join the programme in September.

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    chubbysan is offline Registered User
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    hi cream blue, the full name is International Montessori School

    Hi Alamho,

    Have you started the toddler programme @ IMS, how do you feel about the programme so far? I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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    kwlnmum is offline Registered User
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    Hi there,.. i live in tst too.. And am trying to find out more about the montessori classroom that i keep reading about... Any idea how i can go about contacting them?

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    cutetots is offline Registered User
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    Any update on Children's own workshop pls?


    has anyone tried COW recently? I am planning to send my son for the tiny toddler programme (14-20mth).

    Any feedback be much appreciated!


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