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Insurance Coverage

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    Insurance Coverage

    Hi all,

    I am in process of moving to HK with pregnant wife, I have just been told by my HR contacts that we will be covered under the company paid health insurance supplied by AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited. BUT maximum benefit is $15k HK!!! This seems sooooo low for private health insurance. Does this sound correct or should I contact the insurer directly?

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    kellyst is offline Registered User
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    are you talking about maternity beneifts? if so, actually, most HK companies do NOT provide maternity benefits, if any is provided, coverage is bascially just to 'help out', you'll probably be expected to bear most of the cost.
    i know friends working at US companies that has superb maternity benefits, but that's an exception rather than the norm, for most, maternity benefits are non-existent.

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    Kelly is right, most companies do not offer maternity insurance.

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    HK$15K is normal. You need to top up urself, or your wife can go to public hospital Queen Mary, which also offers superb service.

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    you better check with your HR, whether they mean that HK$15K covers maternity. Most don't.

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