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Moving to Discovery Bay ??? (or not?)

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    Question Moving to Discovery Bay ??? (or not?)

    I have been looking around this website and it is full of great information.

    We are Australians living in the UK and now relocating to Hong Kong in July and would love to hear some suggestions/recommendations regarding schools and places to live.

    I think that the Discovery Bay area would be a good place for us to settle as my husband will be working at the International Airport. We have two daughters, 2 and 5. I would love some information regarding International schools in the area. I understand there is Discovery Bay International School - does anyone know anything about this school??? Does it have a good reputation and does it have a waiting list? Is it overly religious? Are there any other schools in the area that are worth considering?

    Could you also tell me how far the Australian International School is from Discovery Bay and whether it would be an option for us, as it looks great! Or is it too far away?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated as it is all a bit daunting at the moment.

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    Sara is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay


    My husband works at the airport too, and we live in D.B. with our 3 1/4 years old son. We have been in HK for over 10 years now and just can't think of any place that we would like to live (with our kid and the convenience of husband's work) more than in D.B. Of course there are pros and cons to the place, but it's very children friendly and you get a little fresher air. DBIS is great though definitely has a VERY long waiting list, but there are other kindergartens here and at least 2 other int'l schools not so far away that provide school bus services from D.B. Check out as you might find more info. you need.


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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    As far as I know DBIS has no religious affiltration; but it requires payment of a debenture and the waiting list is huge.
    Another option is Sunshine House; Bauhinia (ESF school in Lai King, school buses go to and from DB); or any of the schools on Hong Kong Island.
    Some of the schools on the Island, e.g. the ESF primary and secondary schools; Kiangsu Chekiang, and I am sure others will pick up and drop off children at the ferry pier, but someone then needs to collect them to take them back to DB.
    The Australian International School is in Kowloon Tong- getting there from DB involves one bus and three trains and the journey would take about an hour (door to door), the Australian International School in Kowloon Tong is right next to the MTR. Not sure if they run school buses for DB children.

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    Robinson Road + Fortress Hill + Cranbrook, UK

    Um well if u just want convenience then DB int'l but an international skl i'd reli recommend is CIS or SIS, cis has a reli good system, gd after skl activities n a very reliable school bus service with bus mothers on it.
    Lovely environment (reli big campus)
    BUT as a cheaper alternative Glenealy School is quite gd as well

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    Jan 2007
    Robinson Road + Fortress Hill + Cranbrook, UK

    another less expensive option for your younger daughter is Rosaryhill School's Kindergarden section, it's a really good environment for kids to learn in. They're used to kids of different cultural backgrounds and believe in being multi-lingual. They run an excellent school bus service (and own 23 school buses, parked in the carkpark)

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    jane01 is offline Registered User
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    We live in DB and my husband works at the airport as well (pilot). My daughter attends DBIS and loves it. I really recommend the school, it is excellent. It has a lovely atmosphere and the teachers are very dedicated and caring. The new principal is fantastic.

    Another option is Bauhinia School, which is the ESF (English Schools Foundation) school servicing DB. Bauhinia will close in the next few years and re-open in DB as the DB ESF school (I can't remember what they are going to call it).

    Bauhinia is at Kwai Chung, but there are dedicated buses (complete with 'bus mothers') to ferry the children. Bauhinia has a good reputation, as do all ESF schools.

    My personal view is that for primary school children, the Australian School is too far from DB. A girlfriend of mine teaches there and lives in DB and it is an hour and a quarter commute each way, if all the connections are made. Apparently there have been many attempts to arrange a direct bus from DB to AIS, but it has never worked.

    If we are still in HK, we plan to send our daughters to AIS for high school. We might move closer to the school at that time.

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    DTHY is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    Dear ndgndb,

    Please read my response in the "DB or Sai Kung?" thread. The Austrialian International School is in Kowloon Tong, which is about 25 min from Sai Kung by car.

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