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Whats going on?

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    lima1971 is offline Registered User
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    Question Whats going on?

    We are trying for baby number 2. First time round, we had no problems and I conceived in the first month of trying. However this time round, we are having no luck and have been trying for about 5 months. I dont understand why. Also, my periods used to be like clockwork every month, now I am finding that each month they are coming at least a week earlier than the previous month. I really want to have a second child as I am now 35 years old and dont want to leave it too late(if I havent done already!!). Anyone help?

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    don't worry too much about it. stress will make affect your hormones hence affecting your ovulating cycle. it usually takes an average couple 6 mths to get pregnant.

    maybe you can learn more about your cycle using the bbt thermometer to monitor your body temp every morning. then you'll see the shift in temperature & know whether you are ovulating or not.

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Keep an eye on your cervical mucus too. When it's the consistency of raw egg white - that's the good time.

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    Smile Getting pregnant with #2

    The advice you've gotten already is very true, but at 35 don't wait much longer than six months to seek help form an expert. Our FSH levels start to change quite dramaticall after 35 and while your chances are still very good for becoming pregnant you don't want to wait. You might first start with your OBGYN but often they will tell you not to worry and just relax. I recomend you get a second opinion from a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

    OBs mean well but REs have the advanced training. If your FSH levels are high that indicates that your ovarian reserves are low. You many need some additional help in the form of fertlity medication. If that doesn't make the difference you are still young enough for IVF with your own eggs. But if you wait until you are closer to 40 for IVF treatment you may lose the option of using your own eggs.

    I'm hoping you are able to get pregnant all on your own and you probably will. I also had more trouble the second time and was very concerned. The first month I decided not to use the ovulation kit I turned out to be pregnant.

    Good luck,

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    Have you tried any of the ovulation dectector kits? I got pegnant on the pill with my daughter then thought it would be easy the second time around but it did end up taking 6 months! I used the Clearplan ( I think it was called they also do preggy tests) They come in a pack of five and you just pee on a stick until you get the two blue lines and then you are most fertil for the next 36 hours I believe. They aren't cheap but worth a try! I just got mine at Watsons.
    good luck!

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