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Help me with my helper :-)

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    Thanks for this advices.

    I will indeed follow some of them and definitly write a list of task with the "do" and "dont". For example, I'm not really confortable with her using our phone to call home as we dont use it ourself to call internationnal because we find it expensive comparing to mobile or to free-skype or msn, so I definitly need to forbid her to use the phone (and yes it doest sounds nazi but I dont care (+ I'm jewish ). Concerning her clothing, nails or her, I wont put any rules, as I consider that she is a free woman & not my slave (if my employer told me how to paint my nails or have my hair, I would call a lawyer!).

    Well, I took good note of all your advices ladies & will come back to you if I need to ;-)

    Take care,

    :yeah2 :yeah2

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    Dear Sir/Madam

    Quote Originally Posted by AlexGuitel

    I finally found a helper (I've been looking for my Mary Poppins for months, I sooooo thrilled!)

    Now I have to organize her room (used untill now as "smoking room").

    Do you know what I'm suppose to put inside except a bed. If I listen to myself I will put nice curtains and flowers but everybody keeps telling me that I have to be less nice and act less gently to show who is the boss but it's so not my temper...
    For the furniture, what are we "oblige" to offer her?

    Thanks in advance for your answer, I'm so not cut for that, I don't know how to handle that as it's our first helper & as it doesnt work like that at all in France wher I come frome...


    You are such a good employer, and I'm sure your helper is very lucky, for me(I am also a helper) just give her what you think is right but not to much.

    I hope that she will do her best as your helper because employer like you is one of a kind, most of bosses not doing the same thing for they're helper as what as you do.

    You are very kind.

    Good luck,


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    We had a lot of problems with our 1st helper, so I decided not to renew her contract and start over with someone new. D was around 20mths at the time.

    I made a list of responsibilites and divided them into daily/weekly/monthly chores. Its definitely helped her manage her time. Also, gave her D's schedule naps/ feeding times/ playgroups etc. Last we agreed on her start up time.

    My ex-helper would wake up at 8am, and it would drive me nuts. Asked her many times to wake up earlier, but she didn't listen. As I was nursing D, I did the night shift, and if it was a rough one I needed to sleep in for another hr or so. D would wake up at 7am, and I wanted to be able to just hand him over to her after a morning feed. Didn't always happen.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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