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milk supply

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    Coco is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Wanchai, Hong Kong

    wow, didn't know that ! I've been sterilizing the pump after every single use !!!!! so, will try and pump more often when i'm at work. have also been massaging my breasts as in the link sent above. thanks for all the support - am not so stressed out now ! am pretty determined not to put my little one on formula .......

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    coco, if you wanna try to handexpress but find it difficult, you can call lactation consultant Mrs Chee 94176366. she's the one who taught me how to hand express. her fone is usually on voicemail cos she's usually working, but if you leave her a message, she usually replies pertty soon.

    keep up the good work of breastfeeding, you'll be very glad you persisted.

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    cinnamon is offline Registered User
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    central, hong kong

    re: sterilising
    As my child care nurse in Australia said to me " we are not performing surgery. There is no need to sterilise everything at every use"
    AS Sarah said, Hot water and soap will be enough.
    After the pump is clean, pop it in a self sealing plasitc bag and place it in the fridge until you next need it.
    Also current thinking is that the increase in allergies in children may be related to our obsessive fear of germs!

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