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Moving to Hong Kong

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    Moving to Hong Kong

    Hi all.
    We are moving to Hong Kong in October with a two month old and doggie, we were considering Stanley, any thoughts? recommendations for other areas? I am a social little thing and want to be in an area good for dogs.

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    Stanley is great BUT I've almost had a problem with the commute into town - it's about a 30-45 min car ride into central (assuming your hubby works there) depending on traffic and about 75% of that drive is on a single carriage road. You do have public transport like buses and cabs but that takes slightly longer, no fun if your hubby (or you) works long hours. If you like great open spaces, a toddler/child and dog friendly environment, sea views
    and not want to be too far from central, would certainly recommend Pok Fu Lam - depending which part of PFL, it's about a 10-20 min car ride into central, has proper pedestrian walk ways so you can take your baby in a stroller and your dog for a good long walk around the neighbourhood. It's also well set up in terms of amenieties and eventually international preschools/kindergartens.....

    good luck!

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